Daily Diaries 8th of June 2022

9.50 am.

Starting today of with remembering the book I was going to write My Little Kitten. Which I then deleted and was planning on taking the pre order down. 

The manuscript is due to be loaded to Amazon in 4 days. 

I was canceling the pre order. That had been the plan since I discontinued the series. 

Now… I am thinking I want to release this book, just as plan. It all started when I began to ask my self questions of what if this book doesn’t have to be dark. What if this book is what it is, and I don’t make it ‘dark romance’  but instead let it be what it is to be. 

So I am loading the manuscript and I’ll make a decision and if I am going to write it, I will commit and get the book done. I believe there is perhaps 40k to be written still on it. 


10.35 am.

After reading My Little Kitten. I knew within seconds that this story isn’t ready to come out of me. As it is, yes I could publish it. But instead, I do not wish to rush this book. So I will, step back and not release it. 

Yes, I will lose pre order rights. 

But the importance of giving my readers a book that is worthy of their time that they will spend reading it, is more important to me. 

6.49 p.m

and so the day disappears with no words written…


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