The Beginning of Slash of Hearts

Charlotte and Dominic have been consuming my thoughts as of late.

Who are they? I’ve been dying to tell you…

ALSO! When I say late, I mean late… they seem to let me into their world around 7 pm onward.

I haven’t been able to spend as much time in their world as I’d love to.

Due to my need for sleep, while adjusting to medication.

However the inspiration for their story continues on until I fall asleep. But that has ceased now, as I enter their world first thing of a morning.

Which leads me too...

Opening the doors to their world for all my readers before the books come out. Yes books!

Come meet all the beautiful, flawed, and tarnished souls of this world.

I will be sharing images, snippets, even audio recordings as I write this series. Also, research I’ve done for the series, and family trees of the characters.

It is the first time in my thirties that I can honestly say, I have found a world of characters that will consume my heart and life… thus I am hoping yours too.

(Not to mention be the first when they launch.)

So you can follow along with this blog on the…..


The first thing I want to explain the series names. Because it isn’t just about ‘breaking hearts’ which is still cool, if that is is what I meant by the ‘slash of hearts’ but instead it comes to scars.

In this world, the ‘family’ (who you will learn more about soon,) do not have tattoos. That fact will be highlighted repeated through the series. Because the SCARS are what tell everything about that ‘person’ in the story.

Now I want to explain the scars but first I want to explain why in this story, NOT ONE of the family members will have tattoos. My decision for this comes back to research and of Tattoos in Japan.

Japan and Tattoo Bans.

There are areas in Japan that Tattoos are still BANNED from being visible.

(If you want to read all the details, check out this article

This led me to research Asia Gangs.It is reported that hundred of years ago authorities adopted a practice of tattooing known criminals on the face.

Then, it is reported the Mafia began to do the same to traitors…or so articles said.

So what does this have to do with anything?

The 'Family' would also not have any Tattoos

When I read more reports it made sense that these ‘gangs’ or so it was ‘reported’ that they didn’t tattoo loyal to any gang, family, or anything criminal related.

Usually I made sure my characters within my novels always had tattoos and their ink showed loyalty.

But in this novel I am looking as tattoos more as a ‘punishment’ against the Family.


So if I didn't use tattoos to show loyalty, how could I show loyalty.. because I still wanted something that connected 'them'.

I began to look at the human body.

*I know you can be like WTF at this point.. but stay with me.*

I came to the idea of scars. On certain points of the body. After reading a diagram on the human body and what organ did what. (yes I did a 101 biology session Sim Style.)

The idea HIT ME. Taking the inspiration of the Japan Culture. Mixed with the human body. I decided my characters within this world, would wear scars…. & so the ranks and the structure of their criminal empire was created…. introducing…




A scar on the rib, shows they have protected the heart/lungs (Life) of the family. A honorable scar, that is only given when they have protected a high ranking member of the family. Protecting the (Life) of the family.



A scar on the feet, shows they keep the family moving. They are the ‘soldier’s ‘ of the family. Low Ranking



A scar along the spine, is reserved only for the leader of the family. They are the ‘structure’  and future of the family. They keep everything functioning. Receiving this scar, is the ultra honor but also, the most painful experience.


HEART (the front and middle of your chest.) : a slash across the heart, means their life is given to the family. That they have given their heart to the family. And if betrayed, it will be ripped out.



A scar on the left and right arm, means they carry the roles of protection for the family.



A scar on the legs, means they move the deeds for the family.

Do I have your attention now?

There is so much more I want to share with you, and for you to discover.

But I’m going to end this post on….

Are you ready to meet the first member with a slash across his ribs?

Dominic De Saintis is a Capone at the Family Table… but you’ll meet him in prison… where he is having personal visits with Charlotte Giovanni.

The Granddaughter and only family member of a very important man within the Family…


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